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Prince Albert's Official Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s contribution to matters of state


A collection of archival material relating to Prince Albert’s involvement with the army.

This selection of four volumes consists of material regarding the issuing of medals and honours such as the Order of the Bath, as well as appointments and promotions, including Prince Albert’s military appointments. Prince Albert held various military titles including Field Marshal of the British Army from 1840. On the death of the Duke of Wellington in 1852, Prince Albert also took on the roles of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards and Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifle Brigade.

A large proportion of the material relates to the re-organisation of the army including changes to recruitment, the system of depots and reserves, the number of regiments and organisational defects demonstrated by the failures of the Crimean War. The collection also includes War Office reports and several letters on military uniform alterations and the Aldershot Garrison. The final volume dating from between 1859 and 1865 specifically relates to the construction and management of Prince Albert's military library at Aldershot, including the recruitment of a librarian and the issuing of a library catalogue.