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Prince Albert's Official Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s contribution to matters of state

This collection of archives contains records relating to Prince Albert’s (1819-61) role as the Queen’s Consort and records his activities in support of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) in her duties as Sovereign.

Included within this collection are files relating to his earliest public roles as President of the Fine Arts Commission, when he was tasked with leading the redecoration of Westminster Palace, and later as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. A volume of his speeches is also included, containing his first public speech, following his marriage, at a meeting of the Society for the Abolition of Slavery in June 1840. In addition, Prince Albert’s correspondence and notes reflect his interest in particular areas of political concern such as ‘the Working Classes’ and Chartists, the Abolition of Duelling, Parliamentary Reform and the Army.

Also included are papers relating to his leading role as President of the Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. These include correspondence, minutes and circulars relating to the planning and organisation of the Exhibition and complement the material found in the archives of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

Various Files

Miscellaneous files created by Prince Albert relating to his varied interests

[6], cxcii, 478 p., 41 leaves of plates (1 folded and col.) : ill., maps.
Great Exhibition Catalogue from the Royal Library

Publications held by the Royal Library relating to the Great Exhibition

Example of a ticket for admission to the Windsor Castle State Apartments.
Papers relating to the Reform of the Royal Household

Prince Albert’s reform and management of the Royal Household

(199) Letter from J. Allayn to Earl Granville regarding Count Dunin's 'Man of Steel'. Allayn reports to Granville that Count Dunin wishes to exhibit his model the 'Man of Steel' at the Exhibition and would like Prince Albert to view it beforehand. Also in
Colonel Charles Beaumont Phipps papers on the Great Exhibition

Papers of Colonel Charles Beaumont Phipps relating to the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the founding of ‘Albertopolis’ in South Kensington

Authority given by Prince Albert to Cole, Fuller and Russell to collect opinions regarding proposal for the Exhibition of 1851. Signed on Prince Albert's behalf by Colonel Charles Beaumont Phipps.
Prince Albert’s papers on the Great Exhibition of 1851

Prince Albert’s papers relating to the Great Exhibition of 1851 and development of ‘Albertopolis’ in South Kensington

Draft letter from Prince Albert to Sir Robert Peel confirming receipt of the list of members for the Royal Commission and noting that he is glad that party distinctions are 'excluded from this national undertaking'.
Fine Arts Commission

Prince Albert’s papers regarding the Fine Arts Commission of 1841 and redecoration of the New Houses of Parliament

Prince Albert sends back papers to Lord John Russell and writes that he has made a copy of the letter to Mr Redington and his memorandum. He also writes that Queen Victoria has received Lord John Russell's box with the letter relating to Lord Palmerston's
Lord John Russell

Correspondence between Prince Albert and Lord John Russell

Plan of organisation for the National Charter Association of Great Britain and Ireland, adopted by the National Assembly, May, 1848, to obtain the speedy enactment of the People's Charter.
Chartists and the 'working classes'

Prince Albert’s papers relating to the Chartist movement and the ‘condition of the working classes’

'Draft of a bill to amend the laws relating to the representation of the people in England and Wales'.
Parliamentary Reform

Papers relating to attempts at Parliamentary Reform in the period 1851-1861

Lord Hardinge refers to Prince Albert's appointment as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards and Colonel-in-Chief of the Rifle Brigade on the death of the Duke of Wellington.

Prince Albert’s papers relating to the Army and the development of the library at Aldershot

A report of the Cambridge University Commission for enquiry into the 'State, discipline, studies and revenues of the university and colleges of Cambridge'.
Prince Albert’s papers relating to Cambridge University

Prince Albert’s papers as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge