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Prince Albert's Family Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s relationships with various family members

Prince Albert’s Family Papers are a selection of archival material relating to his relationships with various family members.

Material in the collection includes early correspondence between Prince Albert (1819-61) and Queen Victoria (1819-1901), from their first meeting in 1836, through to his death in 1861. Notes and correspondence about the birth of their children are also featured, along with Prince Albert’s correspondence with his eldest daughter, Princess Victoria (1840-1901) and his eldest son, the Prince of Wales (1841-1910). In addition to correspondence with his immediate family, this collection also contains his correspondence with his, and Queen Victoria’s, uncle Leopold I of Belgium (1790-1865), to whom he was very close, and other members of his extended family.

The collection also consists of correspondence relating to Household appointments, archival material created after his death, including notes and reminiscences written by Queen Victoria about their life together, along with her touching account of his final illness and death.

Embroidered detail from a letter
Albert and Victoria

Archival material reflecting the relationship between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

Princess Helena (Lenchen) wishes Prince Albert a happy birthday and asks him to accept her drawing.
Albert the father

Papers relating to Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s children

Outlines the Prince of Wales' weekly routine and lesson plan.
Education of the Royal Children

Archival material relating to the education of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s children