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Exhibitions and records of works of art

Prince Albert recognised the importance of photography to record and document notable exhibitions and works of art


Studies of figures playing musical instruments


Albumen print | 21.6 x 19.5 cm (image) | RCIN 2864165

A photograph of a drawing formerly in the Wicar Museum, Lille, and now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lille (inv. no.Pl 444). The drawing is a preparatory study by Raphael (c.1502-03) for the figures of the angels playing musical instruments in the 'Coronation of the Virgin', the main panel of the so-called 'Oddi Altarpiece' (or 'Pala Oddi'), executed by Raphael in c.1502-03 and now in the Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City (inv. no.334). For photographs of the 'Coronation of the Virgin', see RCINs 851349, 851350, 851351.

This drawing features some decorative designs on the verso (see RCIN 854237 for a photograph of the verso).

A copy of this photograph (RCIN 851357) can be found in the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection, portfolio 14 (970573)
  • Creator(s)

    After Raphael (Urbino 1483-Rome 1520) (artist)

    Attributed to Robert Jefferson Bingham (1825-70) (photographer)

  • 21.6 x 19.5 cm (image)

  • Acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

  • Subject(s)
    • Religion & Theology
      • Religions and faiths
        • Christianity
          • Angels, demons, devils, saints
            • Angels
    Object type(s)
      • visual works
        • photographs
  • Bibliographic reference(s)

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