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Exhibitions and records of works of art

Prince Albert recognised the importance of photography to record and document notable exhibitions and works of art


'Portrait in Enamel by Léonard Limosin'; Count Palatine of the Rhine

c. 1855

Albumen print? | RCIN 2864522

Photograph of a Limoges enamel plaque of Jean-Philippe, Count Palatine of the Rhine (1521-66) from the collection of the Louvre, Paris (MR R 183). Created in 1550 by Léonard Limosin (c.1506-1577), the bust-length portrait depicts the bearded nobleman facing to the viewer and turning his head to gaze to the left. He wears an embroidered doublet and a cap with a feather. A pendant of the Order of St Michel hangs from his neck.

  • Creator(s)

    Charles Thurston Thompson (1816-68)


    After Limosin, Léonard (artist)

  • Acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

  • Subject(s)
    • Genealogy and Heraldry
      • Orders (honour)
        • Order of St Michael (France)