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Exhibitions and records of works of art

Prince Albert recognised the importance of photography to record and document notable exhibitions and works of art


'La balançoire'


Albumen print? | RCIN 2160789

Photograph of a painting by Paul Delaroche, created in 1845 and now in the collection of the Musée d'arts, Nantes (Inv. no. 903). Inspired by Victor Hugo's (1802-85) 'Sara la Baigneuse', the painting depicts the poem's heroine on a swing, facing to the right. She wears a pleated robe and a flower headpiece. Her feet are off the ground and her hands on the cords. A dense forest is visible in the background.

  • Creator(s)

    After Hippolyte Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) (artist)

    Robert Jefferson Bingham (1825-70) (photographer)

  • Acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert