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Papers relating to Prince Albert’s personal life and enthusiasms

Carl Ruland (1834-1907)

Copy list of works by Raphael in the Accademia in Venice, as catalogued by Passavant, to be photographed for the Prince Consort's collection. 2 Mar 1863

Loose manuscript paper | 1 document (10 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/306a

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The list, based on the French edition of Passavant's biography of Raphael, Vol II p.403ff, is numbered as in Passavant. It comprises: 12. Profile of a cornice (on the reverse of a sheet showing an angel scattering flowers). 14. Two juvenile heads (reverse of a drawing of St Andrew). 18. Ornament (reverse of three young male nudes, standing). 25. A seated old man, nude, holding a globe in his left hand and a sceptre in the right. Ink, light wash. 26. Standing male nude, leaning on a balustrade with one hand (reverse of the previous sheet). 37. Standing male nude, back view, holding a sword in his right hand. 38. Standing male nude, side view; the arm missing. Anatomical study. (Reverse of the previous sheet). 44. Half figure of a woman holding a child. The woman's head alone is covered with pearl-grey gouache with finishing touches of black and white. 52. Drawing of a leaf of a Corinthian capital (reverse of a sheet showing the head of a child lying down). 68. Half figure of a bearded man, 'Anaxagora'. On the reverse another head of a man in profile. 'Vitorino Feltrin'. 84. Four outstretched arms, ink (reverse of a drawing of 3 male heads). 85. 3 female figures beneath an arcaded vestibule. One of them holds two pigeons. 88. 3 arms, ink and wash. 89. A man's chest, ink. 93. View of a town, in the background a castle on a mountain, ink. 94. The reverse of the preceding sheet, representing a mountainous landscape, a male head, a child's head, a hand. 95. View of a town with a church on a mountain. 96. Some clumps of rocks, an eagle (reverse of the previous sheet). 97. A wall of large dressed stones etc. 93. The reverse of this sheet, showing part of a town with a high tower. 99. Three nude figures, armed with lances. (Needle-pricked) and on the reverse a fragment of a figure of a young man, side view. 100. Sketch for a battle with horsemen (black chalk, on brown paper with white highlights). 101. Head of Christ, looking downwards, red chalk.

At the end of the list Ruland has added a coloured cartoon showing 'Noah entering the Ark', attributed to Raphael, in the Palazzo Manfrini at Venice (not present).

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