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Portraits both of and by Raphael

This section comprises both portraits of Raphael (Portfolio 1) and portraits that in 1876 were believed to be by Raphael and his school (Portfolios 20-21).

Portfolio 1 contains reproductions of portraits of Raphael or supposed to be of Raphael from the age of 12 onwards, self-portraits and scenes from Raphael's life.

Portfolio 20 comprises portraits painted by Raphael. Among these are: his marriage portraits of Angelo and Maddalena Doni (now in the Uffizi, Florence); Pope Julius II (National Gallery, London); Raphael’s purported mistress La Fornarina (Galleria Nazionale di Arte Antica, Rome); the diplomat and writer Baldassare Castiglione (Louvre, Paris); Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de' Medici and Luigi de' Rossi (Uffizi, Florence).

Portfolio 21 contains painted portraits that were doubtfully ascribed to Raphael in 1876, and portrait drawings by the artist.