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Glass plate negatives

Albert and Victoria’s collection of glass plate negatives show photographers’ working methods

    Landscape, nature and architecture

    In the 1850s Prince Albert and Queen Victoria commissioned various photographers to capture the places that were of significance to them. Such interest produced a significant collection of glass plate negatives of landscapes and architectural studies of royal residences, as well as negatives of pets and of various animals kept at their farms or on the grounds of their estates.

    Glass plate negative of the Prince Consort's Dressing Room in the Private Apartments, Windsor Castle (F208). There is a black marble fire place (RCIN 79838), with a set of fire irons; and overmantel mirror and mantel with four candlesticks, vases and a cl
    Royal residences

    Albert and Victoria used photography to record the architecture and interiors of their residences

    Glass plate negative of Snowdrop, a white cat who belonged to Prince Leopold (1853-84). The cat is seated on a fringed cushion. He wears a collar around his neck.
A print of this work exists in the Royal C
    Royal animals

    Albert and Victoria’s negatives of their pets and farm animals display their affection towards them