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Prince Albert's Personal Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s personal life and enthusiasms


Letter from Mary Woodburn to Dr. Ernst Becker concerning the Raphael drawings in her possession, which are locked away in store.

2 Aug 1858

Loose manuscript paper; mounted | 1 document (4 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/26

Miss Woodburn explains that the drawings in her possession are in store in the Belgrave Pantechnicon, and that she will need the help of a former employee of her brother Samuel in order to extract them. She will write again when she knows how soon the drawings can be retrieved.
  • Creator(s)

    Woodburn, Mary (writer) [2 August 1858]

    Dr Ernst Becker (1826-88)


  • 1 document (4 pages) (whole object)