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Prince Albert's Personal Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s personal life and enthusiasms

Instructions and lists of materials needed for a salting solution, toning bath, fixing bath and mounting.

1 Jan 185931 Dec 1859

Loose manuscript paper; mounted | 1 document (2 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/292

Unsigned note, mounted in the volume between two letters from Joseph Spithöver of 27 August 1859 and 25 April 1860 concerning photographs to be taken in Rome (but not in his hand); it presumably relates to these photographs, taken by Mr Anderson.

See the reference to the washing and toning of Anderson's prints in (see VIC/ADDA10/85/291).This note may possibly be the one referred to and enclosed by Spithöver in his letter of 25 April 1860 (see VIC/ADDA10/85/293), which contained 'information from a highly competent friend'.

Related Material: For related correspondence, see VIC/ADDA10/85/291 and VIC/ADDA10/85/293.
  • 1 document (2 pages) (whole object)