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Vatican Frescoes

Vatican Frescoes

Details from the stucchi of the Raphael Loggia


Etching and stipple printed in brown | RCIN 853716

A series of eighteen prints reproducing figures from the stucco decorations from architectural elements of the Loggia, which was designed by Raphael and executed by his workshop (c.1517-19), in the Vatican.

This series of prints was made by Cecilia Bianchi, who produced a number of prints after works by Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists. This series appears to be rare (the prints are not listed in either G. Bernini Pezzini, S. Massari and S. Prosperi Valenti Rodino, Raphael Invenit, 1985 or C. Hoper, Raffael und die Folgen, 2001); another copy of the publication is in the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation, Zurich.

The repeating sequence of decoration in the Loggia - see Dacos 2008 (Bibliographic References) for more information - is strongly influenced by the antique; Raphael had studied antique sculpture and painting in Rome.
  • Added to the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection (c.1853-76)