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A cartoon for the tapestry of Christ's Charge to Peter for the Sistine Chapel. Christ is standing on the left, pointing behind himself to a flock of sheep and in front to the keys held by Peter, who is kneeling. The other disciples stand in a group at the

Discover Prince Albert’s passion for the work of Raphael

Johann Michael Wittmer (1802-80)

Raphael's First Sketch of the 'Madonna della Sedia' Signed and dated 1853

Oil on canvas | 98.3 x 74.6 cm (support, canvas/panel/stretcher external) | RCIN 403635

Billiard Room, Osborne House

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Albert purchased this painting, which depicts a supposed scene from the life of Raphael, in the year it was executed. He already owned a watercolour copy of the Madonna della Sedia by Robert Thorburn given to him by Victoria in 1851. Both the direct copy of the painting and this evocation of its creation were hung by the Prince at Osborne.