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A cartoon for the tapestry of Christ's Charge to Peter for the Sistine Chapel. Christ is standing on the left, pointing behind himself to a flock of sheep and in front to the keys held by Peter, who is kneeling. The other disciples stand in a group at the

Discover Prince Albert’s passion for the work of Raphael

Ludwig Grüner (1801-82)

A view of the Logge in the Vatican published 1844

Chromolithograph | 54.8 x 37.3 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 853334

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As well as working closely with Albert on several decorative schemes for the royal residences, Grüner was also a printmaker and specialist in the reproduction of Raphael’s works. This view of the Raphael loggia in the Vatican was published in Grüner’s Fresco decorations and stuccoes of churches & palaces in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (1844), which he dedicated to Prince Albert and the members of the Royal Commission on the Fine Arts. Albert incorporated this chromolithograph in his Raphael Collection.