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Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (1844-1900)

Photographs by Prince Alfred. c.1860-65

Leather bound album | 30.1 x 22.5 cm (page dimensions) | RCIN 2917599

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Prince Alfred was taught photography by his tutor, Dr Ernst Becker. This album was compiled by Prince Alfred and contains various portraits, and a range of landscape views, some of which were taken in South Africa. From July to September 1860, Prince Alfred paid an official visit to South Africa while serving as a midshipman on board HMS Euryalus. His tour took him through the Cape Colony, Eastern Cape, Natal and the Orange Free State. From Port Elizabeth he proceeded by land in a strenuous trip of five weeks by mule wagon and on horseback which formed the so-called 'White Train'. The Prince took with him a double stereoscopic box camera and other photographic materials and equipment. Various bills and receipts in the Royal Archives testify to Prince Alfred's commitment to photography. For example in the first week of May 1860, shortly before his trip to South Africa, Prince Alfred spent £34 (roughly £4000 today) on photographic materials.