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A cartoon for the tapestry of Christ's Charge to Peter for the Sistine Chapel. Christ is standing on the left, pointing behind himself to a flock of sheep and in front to the keys held by Peter, who is kneeling. The other disciples stand in a group at the
Prince Albert and Raphael

The Raphael Collection is one of Prince Albert's lasting legacies


Nude study after Raphael

dated 6 Feb 1860

Pencil, pen and ink | 17.7 x 11.1 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 980080

Three men©

Albert’s Raphael Collection, intended as a study tool for art students and connoisseurs, also held considerable interest for Queen Victoria. She assisted Albert with sorting prints for the collection on several occasions, and she ensured that it was completed after Albert’s death in accordance with his wishes. Victoria, a keen amateur artist, also copied a figure from a photograph of a drawing by Raphael (image right).