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Frédéric Kuhlmann

Letter from Dr. Frédéric Kuhlmann, the President of the Society of Sciences and Arts in Lille, acknowledging receipt of two photographs of Raphael drawings at Windsor Castle. 23 Sep 1859

Loose manuscript paper; mounted | 1 document (4 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/223

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Kuhlmann apologises for not having replied to two letters from Becker, the first concerning an article in the journal of the Society of Arts by Mr Ransome of Ipswich and asking questions about work done at Osborne for Prince Albert. Kuhlmann has been away and unable to send proper replies. He thinks the question raised by Ransome is of little interest and motivated by amour propre; but he will send a brief reply shortly.

Meanwhile his main purpose in writing is to acknowledge receipt of Becker's official letter of 2 September and of the two photographs presented to the Society of Sciences and Arts by Prince Albert, for which he has been unable to send official thanks because it has not yet been possible to pass the necessary resolutions by the society.

Kuhlmann writes from Paris, where he has come partly to discuss with Bingham, the photographer, arrangements to publish the principal original drawings in the Musée Wicar. Bingham has told him he will do the work, and Kuhlmann has told Bingham that his Society wants to ask Prince Albert to allow the publication to be described as under his auspices, so as to give it prestige, as being under the patronage of 'the Prince who is more dedicated to the progress of the Arts than any other in Europe'. Bingham is to come to Lille to examine everything and come to an agreement, and Kuhlmann will smooth out any problems with the Society or the municipality. He apologises for writing in French. He will send an official letter as soon as possible.

The references to Ransome of Ipswich and Osborne are obscure, but Ransomes were a well-known firm of ironfounders in Ipswich, specialising in agricultural machinery. See VIC/ADDA10/85/230 for another letter from Kuhlmann on this subject.

The Society of Sciences and Arts was the owner of the Musée Wicar and its collection of drawings. Agriculture was also part of the Society's full title and one of its interests. Kuhlmann himself was a distinguished chemist, whose work included agricultural applications of chemistry and also colours.

Related Material: For related correspondence, see VIC/ADDA10/85/230
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