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Prince Albert's Personal Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s personal life and enthusiasms


Letter from Alphonse Bernoud to Joseph Kanné concerning the photography that he has been commissioned to do in Naples.

24 Aug 1858

Loose manuscript paper; mounted | 1 document (4 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/271-271a

Bernoud tells Kanné that Dr. Becker has written to him complaining that he has not yet sent the photographs which Kanné asked him to take in Naples the previous winter. But neither Monsieur Melga, whom Kanné instructed to obtain permission through the British Consul for the photography, nor Bernoud himself, has been able to persuade the Consul to seek the necessary permission without express orders from the Foreign Office, so Bernoud has written to Becker (see VIC/ADDA10/85/270) asking him to see to this, and he asks the same of Kanné.

VIC/ADDA10/85/271a is a note from Kanné on the letter, forwarding it to Becker with an ironic comment about how difficult it is to get anything done in Italy unless one is there oneself.

Related Material: For related correspondence, see VIC/ADDA10/85/270 and VIC/ADDA10/85/271a.
  • Creator(s)

    Jean Baptiste Alphonse Bernoud (1820-89) (writer)

    Joseph Julius Kanné (c. 1818-1888) (addressee)

  • 1 document (4 pages) (whole object)

  • Object type(s)
      • printed & manuscript material
        • documents
          • correspondence