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Prince Albert's Personal Papers

Papers relating to Prince Albert’s personal life and enthusiasms


Copy letter from Charles Ruland to Berlin art dealer G. Heubel asking permission to have drawings in his possession photographed for the Prince Consort's Raphael collection.

2 Aug 1861

Loose manuscript paper; mounted | 1 document (4 pages) (whole object) | RA VIC/ADDA10/85/488

Ruland writes that his predecessor Dr. Becker visited Herr Heubel's shop in April and has told Ruland of some interesting drawings he saw there, namely:

A drawing for the Vatican fresco of Joshua's victory over the Ammonites;
A drawing for a St George, similar to a facsimile engraved by Ruchmann;
5 drawings after the Amorini by Raphael for Cardinal Bibbiena's bathroom in the Vatican.

Ruland explains that the Prince Consort is trying to collect the best and most faithful reproductions that can be obtained of all Raphael's works, and would therefore like permission to have the above-mentioned drawings photographed for his collection. Ruland asks if Heubel would allow this, and assures him that the photographic plates would be private, and only the prints required for HRH's collection would be made from them. If Heubel gives permission, Ruland will commission a Berlin photographer who has already worked for HRH to take the photographs.
Ruland adds that he will very soon send an exact list of all the engravings the Prince would like to add to his collection, and he asks Heubel to let him know if he has any of them in his extensive stock.

See VIC/ADDA10/85/485, Becker's letter to Ruland recommending Heubel and mentioning some of the above drawings.

Related Material: For related correspondence, see VIC/ADDA10/85/485.
  • Creator(s)

    Ruland, Charles (writer) [2 August 1861]

    Heubel, G.; Berlin art dealer (addressee)

  • 1 document (4 pages) (whole object)