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Vatican Frescoes

Vatican Frescoes

Saints Peter and Paul appearing to Attila and his Huns, with Leo I the Great approaching in the far distance

after 1853

Albumen print | RCIN 852724

A photograph of a drawing now in the Musée du Louvre, Paris (inv. no.3873), the authorship and purpose of which are still disputed. The drawing is closely related to Raphael’s fresco of 'The Meeting between Leo the Great and Attila', from which it only differs in the left-hand group and other minor details. Not in Ruland (1876).

It has been suggested that the drawing may record an earlier idea by Raphael for the fresco, later superseded. Whether this is the original design by Raphael or a copy after it (perhaps by Giulio Romano or Penni, as sometimes suggested) is an ongoing matter of debate. However, the rectangular format of the drawing and the use of parchment have raised questions as to it being a working modello for a lunette-shaped fresco. For further discussion, see Bibliographic References.
  • Added to the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection (after 1876)