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Holy Families & Madonna and Child

Holy Families & Madonna and Child


The Virgin and Child with the Infant Baptist and angels


Engraving | 14.3 x 37.6 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 851276

A circular print reproducing a composition derived from the so-called 'Virgin and the Cradle', a composition associated with designs by Raphael known through an engraving by Marcantonio Raimondi. Lettered with production details, crediting Raphael with the execution of a painting of this subject. For a first state impression of the plate by Raimondi, see RCIN 851273.

The print shows the full-length seated Virgin, holding the Christ Child with both hands; the Infant Baptist stands at right with hands clasped in prayer, and four angels look on at left; in a landscape.
  • Creator(s)

    Maillet ex. : Proche S. Hilarie, Paris (publisher)

    After Marcantonio Raimondi (c. 1480-1534) (engraver)

    After Raphael (Urbino 1483-Rome 1520) (artist)

    After a work previously attributed to Raphael (Urbino 1483-Rome 1520) (artist)

  • 14.3 x 37.6 cm (sheet of paper)

  • Added to the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection (c.1853-76)

  • Subject(s)
    • Religion & Theology
      • Religions and faiths
        • Christianity
          • Devotional Images of Christ
            • Virgin & Child
          • Angels, demons, devils, saints
            • Angels
          • Life of Christ
            • Infancy of Christ
              • Christ Child
    • Arts, Recreation, Entertainment & Sport
      • Architecture
        • Secular architecture
          • Fountains
    • Science, Medicine and Technology
      • Home economics
        • Furniture & accessories
          • Beds
            • Cradles