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Holy Families & Madonna and Child

Holy Families & Madonna and Child


Holy Family with St Anne

after 1860

Carbon print | 19.5 x 27.6 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 851320

A photograph of a drawing housed in the Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth House (inv. no.90), formerly ascribed to Raphael and now generally attributed to Giulio Romano. Ruland (1876) attributed the drawing to Andrea del Sarto. Another photograph of the drawing at RCIN 851319. This photograph was not included in Ruland's Raphael Collection catalogue (1876).

The photograph shows the Virgin sitting on the lap of St Anne, while supporting the Christ Child on her knees with both hands; the Child reaches for St Joseph who leans over a wheeled walking frame at left.
  • Creator(s)

    After a work attributed to Giulio Romano (Rome c. 1499-Mantua 1546) (artist)

    After a work previously attributed to Raphael (Urbino 1483-Rome 1520) (artist)

    After a work previously attributed to Andrea del Sarto (Florence 1486-Florence 1530) (artist)

  • Pf.13 D.X / p.100.X.1a / 95 Chats

  • 19.5 x 27.6 cm (sheet of paper)

  • Added to the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection (after 1876)

  • Subject(s)
    • Religion & Theology
      • Religions and faiths
        • Christianity
          • Devotional Images of Christ
            • Virgin & Child
              • Virgin & Child with Saints
                • Virgin & Child with Saints-Holy Family
          • Life of Christ
            • Infancy of Christ
              • Christ Child
  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    p.254, no.179 (Oberhuber/Gnann 1999 : Roma e lo stile classico di Raffaello, 1515-1527 / a cura di Konrad Oberhuber ; catalogo di Achim Gnann, 1999)