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Holy Families & Madonna and Child

Holy Families & Madonna and Child


Holy Family


Engraving | 27.2 x 19.9 cm (sheet of paper) | RCIN 850750

An engraving reproducing the composition of a painting now in the Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence (inv. Pal. no. 247). Lettered with production details.

The authorship of the painting has been a matter of ongoing debate. Formerly attributed to Raphael, it has been ascribed to Giulio Romano for much of the twentieth century and is now generally though that it may be the work of G.F. Penni (see Bibliographic References).
  • Creator(s)

    Sebastiano di Re (active c. 1557-1563) (engraver)

    After a work attributed to Giovanni Francesco Penni (1496-c. 1536) (artist)

    Antonio Lafreri (1512-77) (publisher)

  • 27.2 x 19.9 cm (sheet of paper)

    16.6 x 11.1 cm (image)

    24.5 x 16.2 cm (platemark)

  • Added to the Prince Consort's Raphael Collection (c.1853-76)

  • Subject(s)
    • Religion & Theology
      • Religions and faiths
        • Christianity
          • Devotional Images of Christ
            • Virgin & Child
              • Virgin & Child with Saints
                • Virgin & Child with Saints-Holy Family
                  • Virgin & Child with Saints-Holy Family: Joseph only
              • Virgin & Child-Reading a book
  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    pp.220-1, no.55 (entry by Tom Henry) (Henry/Joannides 2012 : Late Raphael, 2012. Edited by T. Henry and P. Joannides)