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Victoria and Albert collected works documenting political and military events

Cundall & Howlett

Wounded soldiers seen by Queen Victoria at Brompton Barracks, Chatham 1855

Salted paper print | 15.5 x 20.0 cm (image) | RCIN 2500163

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Photograph of a large group of wounded Crimean War veterans gathered outside Brompton Barracks at Chatham Military Hospital. There are around fifty men, with two rows seated and those behind standing. They are wearing hospital clothing and many are holding crutches. This photograph is a loose copy of the original (2500162.a) which is accompanied by a hand drawn key of the men, probably by Queen Victoria, with a list below detailing their names, regiments and details of their injuries which was compiled by J George Dartnell.

In 1855, when the first batch of wounded men returned from the Crimean War, Queen Victoria invited a small group of veterans to Buckingham Palace. The sight of these 'mutilated' men so affected her that the speech of welcome she had prepared 'all stuck in my throat' and she had to excuse herself from it for fear of breaking down. Though such encounters were distressing, the Queen met as many of the wounded as possible and showed a personal interest in their recovery. Her frequent visits with Prince Albert to the military hospital at Chatham were immediately followed up by detailed reports from the medical staff on the health of the men they had seen and photographers were commissioned to take portraits of individuals or groups that had been of particular interest.
  • Creator(s)

    Cundall & Howlett (photographer)

    Private George Cope (active 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot (1826-1881) (m w 45th of Foot, m w 29th)
    Private John Smith (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-21st (Royal Scots Fusliers) (1877-1881)
    Private John O'Shaughnuissy (fl. 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-41st (The Welsh) Regiment of Foot (1831-1881)
    Private Mark Pierez (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-97th (Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of Foot (1824-1881)
    Private Robert Smith (fl.1855)
    Corporal David Williams (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) (1817-1862)
    Private James Alexander (active 1855)
    Patrick O'Callaghan (active 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-30th (The Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot (1783-1881)
    Private James Doolan (fl. 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-19th (The 1st Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot (1783-1875)
    Private James Higgins (fl.1855)
    Private William Frevillier (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Cavalry-8th (King's Royal Irish) Light Dragoons (1810-1824)
    Army-GB-Cavalry Regiments
    Private Thomas Drew (fl.1855)
    Private Henry Cushla (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot (1782-1881)(m w 77th Foot)
    Alfred Gibbs (active 1855)
    Private Patrick McCarthy (fl.1854)
    Army-GB-Infantry-34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot (1783-1881)
    Private Edmund Glendon
    Army-GB-Infantry-14th (The Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot (1810-1876)
    Daniel Grey
    Army-GB-Cavalry-6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) (1846-1920)
    Private Henry Pye (fl.1855)
    Private James Guest
    Army-GB-Infantry-7th Royal Fusiliers (1846-1881)
    John Storey (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn
    Private James Clarke (active 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-88th Regiment of Foot (or Connaught Rangers) (1793-1881)
    Private Francis Ormond (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-20th (The East Devonshire) Regiment of Foot (1783-1881)
    Private Charles Cardwell (active 1855)
    Army-GB-Infantry-47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot (1783-1881)
    Private Henry Minchin (fl.1855)
    Army-GB-Cavalry-10th (The Prince of Wales's Own) Royal Regiment of Light Dragoons(Hussars)(1817-61)
    Private Benjamin Hall
    Army-GB-Infantry-4th (King's Own Royal) Regiment of Foot (1866-1881)
  • 15.5 x 20.0 cm (image)

    29.5 x 23.1 cm (page dimensions)

  • Group of wounded soldiers seen by the Queen at Chatham, c. 1855 [in Crimean Portraits, 1854 - 1856]

  • Acquired by Queen Victoria

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