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Prince Albert was an early adopter of portrait photography


The Coronation of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey

c. 1855

Albumen print | RCIN 2905578

Photograph of a print of a painting depicting the Coronation of Queen Victoria.

This painting captures the moment in the Coronation of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey when, after the Crowning, 'the people with loud and repeated shouts, will cry "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN": and immediately the Peers and Peeresses present will put on their Coronets' – in the Queen's words, 'a most beautiful and impressive moment'. The Queen is seated on the Coronation Chair, wearing the Imperial State Crown and holding in her right hand the Sceptre with the Cross and in her left the Sceptre with the Dove.

The painting is held in the Royal Collection, RCIN 405409.

  • Creator(s)

    After Sir George Hayter (1792-1871) (artist)

    Unknown (photographer)

  • Acquired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

  • Subject(s)
    • Social sciences
      • Ethnology
        • Public life
          • Coronations
        • Costume & National dress
          • Ceremonial Costume
            • Coronation robes
    • Science, Medicine and Technology
      • Industries, Crafts and Trades
        • Jewellery
          • Coronets (headwear)