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Photographs 1842-61

Albums compiled by Prince Albert, reflecting his beliefs surrounding photography

Explore Photographs 1842-61

      Prince Albert’s views surrounding photography are best demonstrated by the ‘Calotype’, ‘Photographs’ and ‘Miscellanies’ albums he compiled during his lifetime. The albums feature a range of subject matter, including landscape and nature studies, portraits and composed, consciously artistic works. The albums stand as testament to Prince Albert’s diverse tastes and interests, and significantly, provide a true sense of his beliefs surrounding photography: as a means to record intimate family moments, document natural and scientific phenomenon and works of art, and as works of art in their own right.

      Photograph of a three-quarter length portrait of a woman, facing towards the viewer. She rests her left arm on the back of a chair and her right hand on her right hip. The woman wears a dark colour hat, light colour shirt, dark colour, fitted shirt,
      Calotypes albums

      Featuring a range of subjects, the ‘Calotypes’ albums reflect Prince Albert’s diverse tastes

      Photograph of a drawing of an angel, or putti, by Raphael (1483-1520). The putti is depicted in a head and shoulder length portrait. He gazes upwards, his chin raised.
      Photographs albums

      Like ‘Calotypes’ albums, the ‘Photographs’ series features varied subjects

      Photograph of an avenue of trees. On the left stands a wooden fence in front of the trees and on the right, behind the trees is a stone wall. On the right a single figure is discernible seated or standing between the second and third tree.
      Early Photographs

      A collection of miscellaneous works by photographers admired by Albert and Victoria