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Landscape, Nature and Architecture

Prince Albert collected photographs of places significant to him

The Victorian period marked a new era for travel due to advances in steam technology. Consequently, railway networks expanded across Europe and shipping lines were developed within the Empire. These changes coincided with technical improvements in photography that allowed Prince Albert to collect photographs of the places that were of significance to him. Albums shown below document the landscape and architecture of countries including France, Germany, Russia and Spain. Notable objects include a two-volume set of albums by Charles Clifford (1819-63), titled Photographic Souvenir of Spain, which was published under the patronage of Queen Victoria (1819-1901), the Prince Consort, the Queen and King of Spain, the Emperors of France, Russia and Austria, the Duc de Montpensier (1824-90) and others. Albums that are more personal in nature are those that record the architecture and interiors of royal residences. These photographs offer a unique insight into Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s domestic lives together.

Views Albums

Prince Albert’s ‘Views’ albums reflect his travels and interest in landmarks in England, Scotland and Ireland

Royal Residences

Albert and Victoria used photography to record the architecture and interiors of their residences

Landscape, Architecture and Travel

Albums of landscape and architecture studies were gifted for both personal and diplomatic reasons

Nature Studies

Albert and Victoria collected works reflecting their interest in the natural world.